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Creating a sever Admin

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So I know there is a half dozen or so posts in this regard and even information in the wiki, but the information is if I was running a dedicated sever from my pc.

File path called out:fb9e6543a442ee32907ecc458a46dfb9.png

I am currently using Nitrado

My File path:


I also understand i need the Ku_xyz123 for the people.

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Do you have access to the server logs? When starting the server, a few lines in the logs shows where the adminlist.txt, whitelist.txt and blocklist.txt should be located as the server tries to load them. The logs shows the full path to those files and whether they were loaded successfully or not. 

The lines will start with OnLoadPermissionList, and will look something like this:


[00:00:00] OnLoadPermissionList: /full/path/to/your/adminlist.txt (Failure)

Once you create the path in the path the server is looking for, you'll see "(Success)" instead when booting up the server.

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Exactly :) Just be careful and make sure you trust the ones you're granting admin rights on your server. As per the official Wiki:


An administrator has the ability to kick and ban users in the game, as well as to execute arbitrary lua on the server.WARNING: Only grant administrator rights to those who the GSA would trust with full access to their server / machine.


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