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Inventory zoom in so unnecessary. And stuff.

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ZoomySloppy    1

I know that Klei thinks of Mobile Screen Space but really having a 5'5 inch phone is quite big and i can press the items on the inventory without the game zooming in at all(but it zooms in anyway). Having a setting to disable it would be amazing and also equiping an item while being able to move would be nice.


Its note really easy since the game zooms in and out while trying to rotate and we cant move while doing it, so we should have buttons to rotate left and right like any port of the game. It would make it much easier.


When we wear a backpack the movement pad enters the inventory.


This means that we can change the position of the movement pad, pause button, map button, collect and attack button.(and Rotate buttons ;))


Moving pine cones out of an inventory that zooms in is already hard and while trying to place it zooms again and we cant really get the perfect spot, so having pressing a pine cone or any item we can plat we should have an option to plant like examining. 

I LOVE DON'T STARVE and if these changes were made i would accutaly enjoy playing it. Im not saying i don't enjoy the game but cooking like 8 berries and eating them just takes too much time.

An idea

Doubble tapping to pick up an item in hand like pc and we can keep clicking on a campfire to cook all of it and tap to the chracter to eat it really quickly and it would make planting stuff way more easy.

A small tip for players: While kiting you can tap the side of the movement pad to instantly move to that direction(like pressing buttons), rather than starting from the middle and scrolling your finger to the side.

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Estel    30

Not having strong opinion on rest of points, but the zooming-in inventory/craft is indeed very irritating. Would love option to disable it (which would allow ones that like it for any reason, to keep doing so).

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