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Sign post / ingame notes

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Hey all,

I would think it is a good idea to add a way to get ingame notes in ONI. I think this could be implemented as signposts. Often i make calculations in ONI, for example, NG gas vent output. lets say I calculated the average NG output to be 0.11 kg/s. Now, i have a valve to my gas using appliances around 110 g/s as so to not run out of gas and therefore running out of power. I might set the NG flow limit temporarily higher to for example coushion a shortage of coal or power a power-hungry machine. I will exit the game, and load the game later, having forgotten what my actual geyser output is.

Or other examples are: a description of button functions for complex automated machines (Or the in/out description with yield or whatever) or the name of a power circuit group. Plenty of reasons to have something like signposts in the game. I dont think this would be hard to design, yet add some user-friendlyness to the game.

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Yeah that doesnt surprise me. Also i didnt see it on the first few pages so i figured to suggest it anyway. Also i wasnt sure about the way somone else would suggest to implement the functionality i requested.

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