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[Need Help] Weapon/Armor Effects

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Greetings! I've been using the search function to find a solution. But couldn't find any thread that would had help.
[If only you can search the specific game forum than the entire community >.> ]

Anywho! I need help with coding an effect on a weapon or item upon hitting/attacking the target.
Say for example.. I want the Axe to deal an AoE/Cleaving attack centered on the target, hitting any other mob
beside the target without the player getting hit.

local function onattack_cleavea(inst, attacker, target)
	if attacker then
		[AoE damage stuff here]

I was able to do this like years ago. The effect was able to deal AoE damage to all mobs beside the target excluding mobs that are listed.

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1 hour ago, Lumina said:

Maybe looking at bearger or deerclop attack ?

Yeah, Dunno where to find that. Anywho...

I could vaguely remember my AoE attack script had something like this code. But when I use this code now it says Combat is a nil value

inst.components.Combat:DoAreaAttack(target, 3, weapon, nil, nil, {"player", "companion", "wall"})

Also I vaguely remember a version that uses the "for i, v in ipairs" code that finds entities around the target and deal damage to both the target and mobs around it. And ignores the the ones listed in the excludetags.

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