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This idea was inspired by a rollback glitch to keep Moslings year-round. Credit to Sir Christopher I on youtube for displaying the glitch

What you would do is spam c_save() the day before Spring starts and then do a rollback once the Moslings decided to despawn by flying away. You obviously can't do this if you are not an admin or don't want to do this glitch.

What I figured out was that you can do this with ice staves. Simply pen the Moslings and on the night before Summer, spam the ice staves on the Moslings. There you go, a year-round Mosling pen.

Great way to stay overcharged as WX year-round, avoid Summer's combustion and prevent Antlion from spawning all together.

You must do the freeze trick when the season changes from Spring to Summer, or else they will despawn. 

Oct 15, 2018:

~Further testing/practice suggests that the Moslings must have first fallen asleep, and then be frozen, or else they'll despawn. The sleeping aspect seems somewhat inconsistent, but be aware that you may lose one or two moslings. In the Spring, if you restart the server, the Moslings turn yellow, and doing the freeze trick seems somewhat more consistent. However, if you have enraged Moslings, they seem to keep their agro on the player forever and won't sleep. The are two ways to make them lose their agro on the player. The first way is to put them to sleep, whether it be panflute or napsack. The second way is to go in and out of the caves. With both methods, the Moslings are still pink, but will now sleep. Keep that in mind for the freeze trick.

It is also of the most extreme importance that after you do the freeze trick and it is Summer, you must restart the server. If you go into the caves without that restart, the Moslings despawn when you go back up. This seems to be highly consistent. Since I normally play solo, I still need to test if the Mosling will still despawn if the person they are agro'd on goes into the caves while another person is on the surface. I still have to see how Moslings on dedicated servers behave.

Another thing involves rain in the caves. It seems that rain is handled separately in the caves, meaning that rain on the surface shares no relation to whether it rains in the caves. Very disappointing, but still useful on the surface. ~

Regardless, enjoy your Mosling pen.

Edit3: I reuploaded a better, shorter video, and more informative video.

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