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Animation / emote for lonely dupes

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Dunno if this has been in suggestions/feedback:

An animation or emote for lonely dupes would be nice. It makes them feel more special, and that they have to be treated with love and care even more (unlike me, who slaughtered 10,000+ in one debug mode colony).

If they're away from the colony for a period of time (e.g. 3 cycles without social interaction?) or if everyone is dead and there is just one dupe left (like in the screenshot below), an animation or emote will be played that shows their desire for social interaction, or the realization that he/she is all alone and that no one is left alive.

While a lonely dupe socializing with nothing repeatedly (the progress bar looping again and again and again) during leisure time looks a little like a desperate desire for social interaction, it needs to be more fleshed out, like in the screenshot below this screenshot, as he buries and mourns one by one, the dead in such a delicate dystopia.



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