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trouble setting up controller (steam)

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Hi, I'm playing on steam using a gamesir controller. I know it's unrealistic to support perfect support for generic usb controllers, but for the most part everything works well. I'm able to play the game with the exception of the buttons that don't exist on my controller (button 2 and button 5), which means I'm able to do everything except attack and defend myself. This also means I'm not able to switch to the next page of the controller set-up (For some reason I'm not able to do this with keyboard and mouse either, so I'm not sure what's on the second page at all).

The real problem is that I'm not able to use change the buttons from the menu. When I click to change one of the presets, the normal pop up screen just flashes, and the button is automatically assigned to (+z axis) as shown in the Zoom In button on the following image.


Since I'm not able to do this through the menu, is there some way I can change the button layout through a config file somewhere? Or does anyone have ideas on how i can work around the issue?


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My only thought would be to get a different controller. I use a logitech rumblepad 2. My only controller issue is not being able to use mouse 2 for snurtle armor or bush hat.  Or other mouse events like the permissions mod for private structures.

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