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  1. I've tried both. One appears to do nothing. The other deletes it until the next time I login.
  2. There have been a couple different mods. Do you know how I could get it to stop showing up or what it would be called so I can search for the name in files and try to delete the root source? Ok so it turns out its the animation "ice_projectile". "snowball" looks a little different. Any idea how I could get rid of it permanetly?
  3. The orb is nearby but not shown in the screen. This stays floating in the air showing a swirling animation and otherwise doesnt move and its maybe a fifth the size of the celestial orb.
  4. I play dst using a controller but there are a lot of times I have to switch back to keyboard to perform a function like voting, rollback, fighting afw using certain mods etc. It would be way more convenient if there was a mod that had a button to quick switch between the two. Is there anything already out there I should look into? Otherwise is anyone up for making one?
  5. I have an animation showing near the celestial portal in one of my worlds. It looks like a spinning orb floating above the ground. I've tried deleting it and it works but reappears each time I relog. Does anyone know what it is or how I could get it to disappear permanently. I've been using local c_select()c_sel():remove()
  6. Thanks for the sanity trick. Also I ended up using bearger right after this post by having him swipe trees sometimes 2 or 3 at a time by pausing just after walking past what I wanted him to hit then walking into dense tree clusters before a ground pound. Also happened to use the reanimated skeleton to farm some as well as pigs. I didnt think to use him in caves though so thankyou. Ill bring my crown when I go.
  7. I decided to jump off my pc for a while and put about 600 days into an offline dst world on ps4. I finally got prepped to start using bearger to farm logs and.. well he's not. Is this the price I pay for playing on console? I literally left playstation for trying to force me to pay to play my old games purchased on ps3. Now in dst I can't use a mouse/keyboard, console or farm with bearger even in offline mode? Is there any reasoning behind this?