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Pocket edition controls disappear in Android 9

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JanH    7791

Hey folks, my sincerest apologies for the wait - unfortunately the testing process went a tad longer than we had anticipated. That said, I just wanted to let you know that the update (containing the controller issue fix) has been rolled out on Google Play Store. You should be able to update your game to the latest version to resolve the issue. 

Fixes included in the latest update (Ver. 1.07 - October 3, 2018):

- Fixed crash when changing between clamshell and tablet mode. 
- Fixed bug when the game defaults to game controller mode even when none are connected or active. 
- Added a new controller screen for Chromebook devices. 
- Fixed using only APP native API. 
- Removed zoom in Inventory and Crafting tabs for Chromebook devices. 
- Fixed sound bug for x86 devices. 
- Improved item drag for Chromebook devices.

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Shh_    0

İt's 9/06/2019 today and yet I'm having the same trouble . I tried to send you a mail but outo reply answered ( time problem). You said you have fixed it even in update notes in play store but the problem is still standing. My Bluetooth is closed and I have never used third party apps. I really want to play the game but I couldn't so far. Do you have any advice to solve the problem ? I'll be appreciated if you can help. Thanks.

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