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Make damage with axe higher?

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Can try editing the onequip function of the axe to have

if owner:HasTag("axespecialist") then

	inst.components.weapon:SetDamage(TUNING.AXE_DAMAGE * AXEMULTIPLIER)

If you want to do it from the character then

activeitem = inst.components.inventory:GetActiveItem()
if activeitem.prefab == "axe" then
	activeitem.components.weapon:SetDamage(TUNING.AXE_DAMAGE * AXEMULTIPLIER)


activeitem = inst.components.inventory:IsItemEquipped("axe")
if activeitem ~= nil then
	activeitem.components.weapon:SetDamage(TUNING.AXE_DAMAGE * AXEMULTIPLIER)

I never tested any of these and don't remember using any of the inventory functions before so not too sure if these will work.  Not sure what event you even put those in, maybe the OnEqup event of playercommon or you can add your own inst:ListenForEvent("equip", OnEquip)?

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