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Suggestion - challenging game mode "Blackout"

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Completely remove 'virtual light'. If zone need to be seen - it should be lit. 

Literally - only zones with lumen > 0 should be visible to player.

And discovered zones that lost light become black again.
This will lead to completely different style of gameplay.

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Uh. that's a fairly good idea altough that may require to revamp the light system a bit. (In fact I would't mind if luminosity was a bit more of a factor in regular play too.).

It'd need the addition of portable light tech of some kind either you duplicant get them from he start or somewhere in in the tech tree, to work,, I think. Might be a tad too frustrating otherwise.

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If we get an earygame tech to catch shinebugs and use them as lamps it would be cool. Also some glowing rocks so it isn`t completely dark in the wild biomes. And stuff like lava should emit light so we can avoid the danger. Would be a cool game mode possibly.

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