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After a while - the conditions and prospective (long read)

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Hello Folks :) 

( off the topic - if you think I should have posted this to suggestions section I'll do that )

Being not a .. whatever might be called a real gamer, still I played Don't Starve once in a while since the early days of it. I mean, since when the islands were round and connected by the linear routes :)

I suppose I managed to provide some feedback, and probably partly because of this some additions were made. ( yeah yeah if I no boast no one care )

So what do I think now? After all//

(a) The overall idea of such a game has proved itself. Being sort of simplistic on visuals (which is usually 80 to 99% of the budget of major ones, heh ?) - the game worked and still works.  Good job.

(b) But then again, the idea of mainly "survival" game is not doing that well. Judging by the youtube replays ( letsplays ) - only a few die-hard's care enough to strive through the game well beyond day 200+. Just to tell it, my record was probably 300 or so, and .. eventually I died because I was bored and .. started to take the chances.

(c) Oh yes. Regarding the "Caves". Sort off the topic but still. Sometimes in the RoG it is way easier to survive by hiding underground most of time. It's not real fun but - providing a good undie base - it works for prolonging the time alive almost ab infinito. ( Just pls don't nerf the underground right away ok )

(d) Now to the technical things. I liked the sort of "round islands" thing :) Simple but nice when those were intersecting, providing interesting combinations of biomes. Recent land mass generator, however more advanced, does not provide such a variety : the distances are great ( so most of time I do hit "always loop" and "branch most" settings for more fun ) and the generic land pattern tends to be "star"- like. I mean, the land - without the above said  corrections - tends to be a set of "branches" arranged like a star emerging from a small single spot. It's not really bad, but .. when the stones are 5 miles east, and the food is 5 miles west, and the ... whatever else is 10 miles north .. most of game is spend running back and there and wherever. Which is not really "survival" but boring.

(e) Off the topic. I like Shipwrecked. It has issues (or had, did not figure yet as of recent updates) but I won't speak of it in this topic.

(f) Having some sort of another Don't starve add-on incoming, (it figures that the idea still works and pays for itself) I would just mention it and suggest... 

  (f-1) Land generation must be worked upon - to provide interesting setups. ( huh I'm not a guru progger but fairly skilled. I tried to figure how the heck the land is generated in the game ,,, failed. LUA is not the issue btw )

  I'd love to see more land generation options, or - alternatively - to be able to suggest some alternative land generation procedures, if the game ( and time and effort spent ) allows.  Also I would love to be able to switch sometime to the original "round islands interconnected/intersected" mode - with all the newer additions.

 (f-2)  Well /// Survival is essential. But the adventure is more important. It's the adventurer's spirit that drives ppl to survival games. The computer games and IRL too. So I suppose there might be more goals in the - even - vanilla game mode than pure "don't die". Some sort of random stuff that emerges on the map and requires attention. And makes the player come back and start anew or continue - thinking "oh well what's next"

(f-3) Sort of off topic, but it seems that the Hounds' attacks were tuned down a lot since the last time I played. I think though this is not a matter of "more or less". It should rather be done as yet another natural thing : there are places where the hounds dwell ( we have those ) or emerge/breed ( no such thing ). So, when the Hounds' population exceeds some local limit they start to roam looking for nutrition.  OFC they wander in certain packs and tend to come to the places where the fodder is - or stored supplies or something like that. 

I just mean that it should not be a random out-of-worldly thing - with only "more or less" setting -  but should be a part of the world. 

(f-4) well .. I guess this is it, but one more thing : I suppose there must/might be some randomness in the qualities of items/characters/creatures etc. Sort of a "Diablo" thing, if you get me. Sometimes a Beefalo takes 20 hits to kill, sometimes 15 or 25. Sometimes a lucky found item has 5 uses, sometime 6 or 7. Etc etc. Sometimes the boat lasts XX minutes, sometimes XX+/- .

To sum the (f-4) : Guys, don't you think that some sort of "luck" or "fortitude" rolls can provide extra fun? Just pls absolutely NO another "luck meter" heh - though current "luck" setting might be connected somehow to health, hunger and sanity values. Say, low health reduces luck, hunger makes the hits harder, and high insanity level might do miracles - both good or bad. Something like that.

Thanks for reading if you elaborated to this point :)


( and don't f##king starve )

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