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[Mod] Water Balloons Makes Mobs Wet

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Water balloons originally only adds wetness to two things: Players and Dragonfly. 

Enjoy your two new favorite weapons, the Morning Star and Electric Blowdarts! Under normal conditions, it takes five water balloons for a mob to reach full saturation, with the morning star doing about 0.29 less damage for each unit decrease in wetness. Each water balloon adds 20 saturation, with 100 being the max.

Translation: You do more damage than a dark sword for about 15 seconds and more damage than a hambat for a total of 40 seconds (ie. an additional 25 seconds in comparison to the dark sword). 

Or more simply, you're as strong as a dark sword with a 4% decrease in the morning star's durability, and you're as strong as a hambat for about 11% durability points. One or two water balloons respectively, you're back to being strong!

Check the discussion page on steam for what mobs I have (and haven't) implemented.

Let mosquito farms be the new meta!

Steam Page:



Thanks to @ksaab for showing me AddPrefabToit in this thread:


And here's a thread from BluesyBuesy aka joeshmocoolstuff of why this should be in the base game:


Edited by lakhnish
Morning star damage modifier in relation to saturation has been corrected
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V 1.0.4 has configuration settings to enable/disable which mobs can get wet is there are performance issues. The default list of what mobs can and can't get wet takes performance into consideration. Check CPU Benchmarks in the steam discussion page to see if you're CPU can handle making more mobs wet, particularly those that can be expected to be numerous.

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