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Doctor, more robust medical system.

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So there is a trait for care and often a +8 care duplicate that pops up but I really think Doctor ought to be a job. There could be a Healthcare tree where the first teir is  nurse they would have a boost to care speed. Then a full fledged doctor would require also research assistance and branch off to tensured scientist, then the doctor on his off time from helping duplicants can research cures to illness like slime lung or just a common cold and develop antibiotics which would rapidly increase cure time. The existing equipment like apothecary and pharma chamber could be integrated with the doctor. Their effects could be improved but require a doctor or nurse to operate.

One other small idea to make a floor hatch tile for ladder pieces. Often times a room is broken up by a ladder which makes it cumberson to work with an existing room with floor tiles, doors and Ladders. A special tile that acted like a door in floor but connects to ladders would be extremely useful and streamline. Along with that could be any special hatches with automation/ mesh etc.

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