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My mod items aren't visible while the caves are enabled.

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So I've been working on my first mod and It's now pretty much complete, the only thing preventing me from releasing it is a really strange bug.

My character starts with 2 exclusive items (a meat type food and a body slot armor), both work fine unless I add the caves to the world. With caves enabled both items are invisible in the inventory and on the ground, even if crafted (well, the armor is visible, but only on the character, and only if he wasn't wearing anything already). However they do take inventory space. When the food item is dropped the spiders can eat it, but it can't be picked up by me.

If anybody knows what's the reason behind such behaviour, please let me know. Thanks.

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See if your problem could be related to something like this. If you don't see anything missing then i suggest to attach a zip or your mod so people can help. I'm pretty sure this problem is related to a problem of host vs client, but maybe not exactly the same as in the link i posted. The advice in the link can be useful too : try to compare your items to existing items to verify you don't miss any important line.


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