Poison Crocodogs should explode into one last puff of Poison on death

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Poison Crocodogs are supposed to be the Shipwrecked equivalent of the Fire Hounds, but they don't strike the same fear as Fire Hounds do without a similar on-death power. I think if Poison Crocs would explode into a puff of poison on death, similar in size to the Poison Holes of swamps or the Stink Ray's attack, it would be a cool gimmick for the Dry Season.

Using mobs to combat the Crocs would have some power taken away, as the Poison debuff could be applied to all followers at once, and it would give more power to the Particulate Purifier headgear as a potential Poison countermeasure. Poison can be a big drain on resources or HP, so it would have a similar deleterious effect as Fire burning some structures or resources without being exactly the same; and while it's not exactly as disruptive as a wildfire, having Poison be a more constant threat to the player during Dry Season could give it a bigger impact than it currently has in most worlds.

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