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Server reports "Assertion Failed"

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I have a fresh installed DST dedicated server with linux as host system. While checking the log files, I noticed that sometimes the following error message occurs:

steamnetworkingsockets_lowlevel.cpp (88) : Assertion Failed: SteamDatagramTransportLock held for 24.3ms!

Does anybody know where this error comes from and whether it is necessary to do something about it?
I didn't notice any impact in gameplay yet.

Best regards

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Hm, didn't find any issues as you described, so I guess it's nothing bad.

I'd assume it's just that the server couldn't find a steam service running on the server, which is quite normal. Maybe Klei added a new steam integration for servers or something, not sure though. (Just to be clear: steamcmd is not a steam service, but rather just a small program to download server software. It's not running in the background while it's not in use.)

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