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Agents downed after rewind

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hasnaf    0

Hello, after recently starting another campaign (Expert,three rewinds),
I soon came to infiltrate an FTM Executive Terminal (Security Level 3) with four agents where I got into a tricky situation near the end (several guards holding two of my agents at gunpoint).
Of course I decided to use a rewinds (I had two left at that time), at that time all of my four agents were alive and well.

However after that suddenly three of my agents were laying on the floor and one being held at gunpoint with no possible escape and almost every guard in the level was on alert. Using the second rewind didn't change much.
I still don't really understand what happened, even this shouldn't get fixed (or maybe it's not even a bug and I missed something important) it would of course be helpful to know how to keep it from happening again.

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