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Optimizing meteor scanner

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I'm sure many of us asking ourself, "whats the point having more than 2 scanners, just to make buffer gate so bunker doors didn't close too early?". Thanks to this forum, I revisit my scanners. I built them originally just to ensure myself that I already tried all Cosmic Update can offers. We knows from ONI meteorology, that bunker doors need 38.2 seconds to open or close and 6 scanners can ensure to detect 200s before incoming meteors. If that the case, why not just powering those scanners every 160s? That's going to be big power saving.


Using that basic idea, I tried to implement into 2 scanners. Problem is, detection can vary between 67s to 200s. So I need to power my scanners every 28.8s and if they find incoming meteors, they should sleep for 200s to avoid inconsistency with next scan. How long they need to scan to produce a result? From experiment, 3s is pretty safe to ensure they can detect.


A is filter gate, set to 200s

B is filter gate set to 25s

C and D is buffer and filter set to 3s


If anyone has a simpler design than mine, please share with us :D


Wiring Diagram




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