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Decor ruin idea ?

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I love the little ruins that spawn in the game and how cute they look. But its kind of sad you can't really interact with most of them.

I mean the tables with chairs and plastic fruits, the computer desks or the vending machines / lockers after you empty them. Also these ruins can spawn really far from your base so after esencially looting them they are kind of useless.

So i was thinking it would be awesome if you could move those buildings to your base and use them as decorations. Or study them so you can build them from plastic at the endgame or something like that. With the new expressive update coming i thought the dupes could use dose little table +chair items as places to sit down and chat. They would look really nice with the watercooler :D .You could also set up an "office" with the computer desk + timetable. And give them lockers next to showers / rooms. Would make the asteroid feel more homey and cute :) also the wall clock and the alarm clock would be my fav as they could show the new work /free time they have or " wake " them up in the morning .

I also love the ruin's doors style. Would look really great for bedrooms or bathrooms.

I'm not saying they need extrem decor bonuses in fact i want them more for myself than my dupes :D ( i know im heartless ).


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