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How, exactly, do dupes gain job experience?

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I've had dupes master their jobs while sleeping, and I've had dupes master their art student jobs before I've given them any art to create, so it's clear that there's some baseline level of gain no matter what the dupe is doing.

However - does having a dupe perform activities related to their job increase their rate of experience gain? Should I be limiting which dupes do which activities to maximize job experience gains, or does it not really matter?

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before expression (haven't actively played it yet so don't know if anything changed) they gain job xp passively and gain more xp for doing the job.  

i've done both and it seems to work out fine either way, its really a matter of what appeals to you.

personally I set a few dupes to specific tasks as high priority early (build, research, cook, supply, operate etc)  and match the job but tend to leave them generalists later in the game.

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