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Killed while respawning


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Okay, I know its my fault if I turn the sound off and get ra*ed by a group of hounds, by its the games fault if I respawn AND WITHIN THE RESPAWN ANIMATION I GET BITTEN AND ONEHITKILLED BY THE SAME GROUP OF HOUNDS- GAME OVER FOR 114 DAYS RUN.Sry for the caps but I'm really pissed off right now.So please Klei, fix that, the point of respawn is to get another chance if you put in the effort to build a meat effigy.

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I usually have 1 amulet in my backpack, but I was just in the middle of ahrvesting an my inventory was full, and the hounds catched my absolutley by surprise since my sound was off, okay blame on me for having the sound off and being to slow to put the amulet on, but goddamit Klei seriously has to fix that meat effigy. I mean I'm normally no whiner and I really can handle many drawbacks, but this pisses me off so much because the final 2nd kill wasnt my fault after all.

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