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Incapacitated Save Launch Glitch (game breaking)

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When I launch a saved game some duplicants suddenly become incapacitated form the get go. Have no idea why but it's very annoying. Basically I can't play as they incapacitate in a non-oxygen biom and suffocate before I can build enough med beds.
I attached a video file of me loading the game and 3 duplicants suddenly being 1 minute from death.
Please fix D:

Incapacitated Save Launch Glitch.mp4

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This sounds like a bug more than a suggestion.  You should submit a bug report in the Bug Tracker forum.

For the time being, I would use debug to spawn in some dupes to save them with med beds (that you can add temporarily with debug).  Then you can recover them and remove the other dupes and med beds. 

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