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Compendium Of Knowledge (Revised)

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Welcome. I have created this Compendium Of Knowledge in the hopes that those who are daunted by the task of survival in the harsh enviroment of The Islands and need a place to discuss strategy and aspects of this world.


October 26th, 2012

This is the first time I have ever had the chance to put together something like this, and for the opportunity I am extremely thankful. I do apologize if the Compendium is a bit of a mess, I am working to pull it together. I dived into this without full preparing correctly, and that will show in the quality at first.

For the same of convienience, the setting of the game will be named The Islands until Klei releases an actual name for the location.

This Compendium may contain spoilers or content that will taint your enjoyment of the game, and as such, reader discretion IS advised.

To Do:

  • Complete [section 1: Bestiarum Vocabulum]

  • Complete [section 2: Tools Of The Trade]

  • Start [section 3: 101 Ways To Eat Rabbit!]

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[section 1: Bestiarum Vocabulum]
  • Chapter 1: The Player Characters

  • Chapter 2: Non-Hostile Characters/Creatures

  • Chapter 3: Hostile Characters/Creatures

  • Chapter 4: Immobile Enemies

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Chapter 1: The Player Characters

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Also Known As: The Scientist

Description: After countless sleep deprived nights of extensive research and experimentation, Wilson was able to perfect his Magnum Opus, a specialized solution of industrial strength glue, hair gel, and certain semi-radioactive materials. The result? His hair is now sticks straight up from his head and curls at the tips as if he had just been electrocuted.

Apperance: The first character you have access to, Wilson is about as wilderness ready as any scientist. Which is to say, not very wilderness ready at all. Thankfully, though, his studies have gifted him and the rest of his companions with the knowledge of many easy and quick to build tools and supplies that will aid in their survival.

Theories: Some resercher's have suggested that Wilson was sent to The Islands due to experiments in the wrong subjects and asking too many questions regarding the true circumstances his sister Willow disappeared under.

# # #

Chapter 2: Non-Hostile Characters/Creatures

# # #


Also Known As: Walking, Talking Bacon Strips

Description: Burly, bipedal, and most uncivilized.

Appearance: The first semi-sentient race Wilson and company encounter in the wilderness, the Pigmen are a race of talking, walking pigs. Garbed in a simple, tattered loincloth, they live in suprisingly comfortable and advanced homes.

Interaction: The Pigmen are generally hospitibale, however, should the player come too close, they will run away. Should the player leave their immediate vicinity, Pigmen will make passing remarks regarding the lack of fur and their resemblance to monkeys. How the Pigmen know what a monkey is when none have been documented as of yet, is another mystery altogether.

# # #

Chapter 3: Hostile Characters/Creatures

# # #


Also Known As: Mr. Scratch

Description: Tall, slender human, gaunt limbs, and a penchants for pinstriped suits. A proper English Gentleman.

Appearance: The first bipedal, sentient, non-pig being the player encounters, Maxwell is a mystery, disguised as a cucumber of deceit, wrapped up in a spicy tuna roll of malicious intent, and manages to convey as much while only appearing for under a minute, after which he disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Important Information: Maxwell appears to be the reason why Wilson and company find themselves stranded in the wilderness. His intentions are unclear, and players should treat him with caution equal to that given to The Forest Guardians.

Theories: As noted by his affiliated name, one researcher has put forward the theory that Maxwell is actually Mr. Scratch, an old New England folk name for The Devil. Maxwell's choice of garb is a pinstripe suit, a style of clothing popularized in the old New England time period, lending some credibility to this theory.

The Tree Guardians

Also Known As: Optimus Pine

Description: While in their 'Dormant State', The Tree Guardians are harmless, allowing them the perfect camouflage to draw in unsuspecting players in search of Pine Cones and Wood. With one swing of the player's ax, they enter an 'Attack State'. Depending on the tree's size upon entering the 'Attack State', their strength varies. Players should be extremely cautious of these beasts.

Notable Features: Their appearance closely resembles that of a normal tree, with legs covered in pine needles and eyes and mouth appearing as gaping black holes. The creature has also been reported to 'Breath' in a overtly heavy and disconcerting manner.

Characterized By: Extreme hostility towards the player

Note: Recent research suggests that Tree Guardians hide themselves as a darker green version of normal trees, however, this hypothesis is yet unconfirmed.


Overview: One of the most frequently seen enemies, Spiders collect at a centeral hub during the day, and roam during the night. Spiders are extremely territorial, attacking you if they get too close.

# # #

Chapter 4: Immobile Enemies

# # #

Spider Den

Overview: Be wary of these sticky white blobs of spider web. During the day they are generally harmless, but during the night a small army of arachnids will begin exploring their territory. If left to it's devices, the Spider Den will grow, gaining a second and third blob of webbing, and allowing the spider forces to grow.

Weakness: The easiest method to remove a Spider Den is to set it alight, though this will anger the spiders into an all out attack. It is recommended you run.

The Darkness

Overview: I think Alan Wake said it best; 'On more than one occasion, Alice had tried to explain to me how it felt to be afraid of the dark. To her, darkness wasn’t simply the absence of light, but something more tangible than that. it was something you could touch and feel. Worse than that, it was something with a mind of its own, something malicious and malign. For her, things changed when they were wrapped in darkness, they turned into something else, something foreign, and nothing was safe or innocent anymore. I’d never really understood what she meant, until now.'

Weakness: The Darkness can only consume you when you remain in an unlit area for too long. Simply keep your campfire burning during the deepest hours of the night, and you can ward it off.

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[section 2: Tools Of The Trade]


  • Chapter 1: Materials

  • Chapter 2: Tool Technician

# # #

Chapter 1: Materials

# # #


Overview: Like trees, but less likely to hulk out on you if you strip it of it's branches, twigs are the basis for all your tools, and even a few of your other craftable items.


Overview: Ah, Flint. So many uses, yet so quick to become hard to find. Make sure you're careful with your supply, or you may find youself with no means to defend yourself.


Overview: It's grass. It's green, and you can make a whistle out of it if you put it between your fingers and blow in the right way. It also makes for wonderful kindling, and can even be fashioned into a traditional straw hat, though how grass becomes straw is a mystery even this Compendium will not delve into.


Overview: Another rare commodity. Just beneath the thin layer of earth on each island, a impenitrable layer of admentanium prevents any hopes of obtaining lager quantities of stone, and so you will be forced to explore in search of the large boulders, which contain a portion of salvagable rock, flint and even a chunk of gold.


Overview: Much more useful than it may at first seem, gold is an exceedingly durable and employable when used for upgraded equipment as it's softer composition allows it to be properly forged into a more traditional, albiet ironically expensive, tool. Provided you have researched their designs, that is.


Overview: Look, it's wood. Don't know how much more I can't explain this one other than it's one of the most readily accessible materials, topped only by grass and twigs. And yes, some people may get a chuckle out of a pun regarding cutting down trees for morning wood. Others might consider it needlessly vulgar. Taste of humans, I suppose.


Overview: I really shouldn't have to describe the properties of excrement, but for the sake of your survival, I will. It smells bad, and it makes great fertilizer. That's all I'm gonna say about this crap. (Pun intended)


Overview: If you're looking to get your top hat swag on, as it were, you're going to have to take on a Spider Den. Details and tips regarding Spider Den attacks can be found in the Bestiarum Vocabulum.


# # #

Chapter 2: Tool Technician

# # #

Handy Tips From Tool Boy!

Tip #1: Make sure to watch your tool's durability! Durability is expended when you use the tool to attack an enemy or to harvest materials. Your Razor appears to be unbreakable, however, so you have no excuse for not having a clean shave!


Overview: Sharp and extremely effective against trees, this tool is the only way to harvest logs. Upgraded form is the Golden Axe.


Overview: Used to harvest stone, gold, and flint from the boulders that are scattered about the islands.

Handy Tool Tips From Tool Boy!

Tip #2: If you time your mouse click correctly, you can speed up your harvesting or attacking process. However, this will expend your tool's durability much more quickly!

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