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FPS Drop and instable

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A month ago I changed the computer and follow below its settings:

* Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-7200U CPU 2.50GHz 2.71GHz

* Motherboard: NP300E5M-XD1BR

* Rambo Memory: 8GBs DDR4

* Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® 920MX Graphics 2 GB gDDR3

is a good computer and games like Team Fortress 2, Fallout New Vegas have kept fixed 60FPs, and heavier games like Doom or Fallout 4 is around 40 to 55

When I started the DST, I went to the event GORGE (I did not like it by the way) kept the 60FPS fixed but in normal mode rarely reaches the 60, usually it is 30 and over to 44 getting in that oscillation that makes it very annoying to play, it seems I have lag In this way I followed some configuration tutorials from Nvidia to avoid these bugs, I reinstalled the game but nothing solved: /

Sorry for the english, I used google translator to do the text


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Considering those FPS I'd assume Windows decides to run DST on the iGPU (Intel HD 620) instead of the Nvidia one. (Nvidia Optimus)

You can try to either somehow force DST onto the Nvidia GPU, or disable the iGPU (Temporarily).


ps: Normal text is just fine. People don't need fat text to read properly.

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I have the same issue, my laptop used to play very smooth in DST (i3/4GB/GT940M). But since The Gorge, somehow my laptop cant get around 50 fps in 1366*768 resolution and even have some frame rate stutter. I tried disable all mods and join an Official server, no good result. Note that I always play DST with Nvidia GPU and I checked it when game's running, also HDD is only 20-30%. The only thing I can do to get 60fps now is play DST in windowed screen and rescale it about 1/2 normal screen.

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