A Ubuntu Server MOD question.thanks

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I had created a ubuntu DST server , it worked well ,but i can't add any mod in my server. 

i found a file named "dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua"  it says"Example: ServerModSetup("350811795")" is that right? or i must rename it "modoverride.lua"?

Thank you.

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The dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua file inside the mods directory is for automaticially downloading the specified mods from the workshop on server launch. The Format is exactly as the example says.

The modoverrides.lua is a different file that belongs in the individual server shard folders. (Mods are enabled for each individual shard, and are therefore configurable individually for each world/shard.)

To get an easy unserstanding and basic setup going you can just configure the dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua manually with the mods you want to have, and then run those exact mods on your client as well, and run a client sided world using the mods+settings you want. Afterwards you can copy over the modoverrides.lua to your dedicated server.

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Thank you for your reply. @Daniel86268

It means just like ServerModSetup("350811795") every line in dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua it's ok?

Thank you very much.

A new question, what different modoverride.lua and dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua ?

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5 hours ago, xie7 said:

It means just like ServerModSetup("350811795") every line in dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua it's ok?

Exactly. (With the workshop IDs of your desired mods inside those brackets ofc.)


5 hours ago, xie7 said:

A new question, what different modoverride.lua and dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua ?

The dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua specified which mods should get downloaded and kept up to date for the entire DST server instance.

The modoverrides.lua enables the mods for each individual shard that have been downloaded by the dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua or placed manually in the mods folder.


For example you want to have two shards, both with mod A, but only one of them with mod B. You place both the IDs of the mods inside the dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua like this:

ServerModSetup("<ID for Mod A>")
ServerModSetup("<ID for Mod B>")

Then you enable both mods on your first shard in that modoverrides.lua like this:

return {
["workshop-<ID for Mod A>"] = { enabled = true },
["workshop-<ID for Mod B>"] = { enabled = true }

And your modoverrides.lua on your second shard like this:

return {
["workshop-<ID for Mod A>"] = { enabled = true }


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Greetings @Daniel86268

Thanks for explain.

My server had download mod in mods file, and i set modoverrides.lua like your sad


return {
["workshop-<123456789>"] = { enabled = true }

Is that right?

But nothing happend. How to do? Im used linuxGSM

Thanks again.

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10 hours ago, xie7 said:

Is that right?


It's without the <> - brackets (I always put them in when I use replacement words to indicate that this is not the actual string you have to put in)

this would be the correct version of your example:

return {
["workshop-123456789"] = { enabled = true }


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Sorry @Daniel86268

I tried many times ,but server do not load mods.

i post my modoverride.lua and dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua in here, check plz. 

Thank you very much.


ServerModSetup("351325790");--Geometric Placement
ServerModSetup("356435289");--DST Fish Farm
ServerModSetup("362175979");--Wormhole Marks
ServerModSetup("370373189");--DST Advanced Farming
ServerModSetup("374550642");--Increased Stack size
ServerModSetup("375850593");--Extra Equip Slots
ServerModSetup("375859599");--Health Info
ServerModSetup("382177939");--DST Storm Cellar
ServerModSetup("398858801");--AFK Detection
ServerModSetup("436897772");--<default>'s item pack
ServerModSetup("438293817");--Friendly Flingomatics
ServerModSetup("444235588");--name = 'Deluxe Campfires 2.11
ServerModSetup("447092740");--More Actions
ServerModSetup("458587300");--Fast Travel
ServerModSetup("458940297");--Food Values - Item Tooltips (Server and Client)
ServerModSetup("462372013");--Always fresh
ServerModSetup("501385076");--Quick Pick
ServerModSetup("503187227");--Advanced World Generation
ServerModSetup("506204512");--8 Faced Fences Gates [DST]
ServerModSetup("509723993");--Wall Health Regen
ServerModSetup("597417408");--1.Less lags

And modoverrides.lua

return {


I have see mod in mods file, I thought dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua is correct. 

Help me plz

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Remove the semicolons (;) after the lines in your dedicated_server_mod_setup.lua. It's just the individual lines like this:

ServerModSetup("557024594") ---
ServerModSetup("435988740") ---
ServerModSetup("346962876") ---
ServerModSetup("350811795") ---
ServerModSetup("351325790") --Geometric Placement
ServerModSetup("354533909") ---
ServerModSetup("356435289") --DST Fish Farm
ServerModSetup("362175979") --Wormhole Marks
ServerModSetup("370373189") --DST Advanced Farming
ServerModSetup("374550642") --Increased Stack size
ServerModSetup("375850593") --Extra Equip Slots
ServerModSetup("375859599") --Health Info
ServerModSetup("382177939") --DST Storm Cellar
ServerModSetup("387716835") ---
ServerModSetup("398858801") --AFK Detection
ServerModSetup("404161345") ---
ServerModSetup("436897772") --<default>'s item pack
ServerModSetup("438293817") --Friendly Flingomatics
ServerModSetup("444235588") --name = 'Deluxe Campfires 2.11
ServerModSetup("447092740") --More Actions
ServerModSetup("458587300") --Fast Travel
ServerModSetup("458940297") --Food Values - Item Tooltips (Server and Client)
ServerModSetup("462372013") --Always fresh
ServerModSetup("462434129") --Restart
ServerModSetup("501385076") --Quick Pick
ServerModSetup("503187227") --Advanced World Generation
ServerModSetup("506204512") --8 Faced Fences Gates [DST]
ServerModSetup("509723993") --Wall Health Regen
ServerModSetup("554999204") ---
ServerModSetup("597417408") --1.Less lags
ServerModSetup("599501490") ---

The rest seems fine.

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Just for making sure: You didn't rename it "dedicated_server_mod_setup.lua" because I typed it wrong up there, right?

Because it has to be "dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua".

Otherwise the only thing that comes to my mind could be that your server can't get a connection to the steam services/workshop, so maybe check if your firewall is blocking it? (Disable your firewall temporarily to see if that's actually the case. If it works then, reenable your firewall and figure out what port/service you have to allow in your firewall.)

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1,I had checked the file name is "dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua" correct.

2,I thought my server can connect steam workshop, cuz it download mods in mods file very well.

3,My server's Security Policy i set all flow (in and out).

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