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So, I noticed in the most recent update that Compost Piles no longer produce Fetilizer and instead, Dirt. I am kinda happy about that, but its seems such a long time to produce enough dirt to satisfy stuff when you enevitably run out. So, I have some suggestions on what this could mean for future gamplay. 

Sage Hatches - I thought that Sage Hatches would become a good food source, or at leas teasy enough to make, for ranching. However, seeing that there aren't many changes made from it's other countparts. Instead of coal, maybe it could produce dirt. Now that raises an immediate problem as dirt is required to get a higher chance of making Sage Hatches. However, I think it would be alright if dirt is both consumed and produce. Although, seems insane to eat your own excrement, right?

Glossy Drecko - Before the official release of Ranching Mrk II, Dreckos produced Dirt rather than Phosphorite before it was done and such. I think Glossy Dreckos should produce dirt as another easy way to make dirt. At least it doesn't raise the question of the Sage Hatch

Dirt Sythesizer (could be different name) - So the final idea is a machine to make dirt. A machine like the Fertilizer Sythesizer mixed w/ the Aglae Distiller as polluted dirt, seeds and foodsthat are inedible. It will require power, outake pipes, and will produce heat, like any powered building and will produce dirt over time

I can see a lot of potential with these things being used, and made, for future updates. Thank you for your time and bye ~

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