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  1. Klei, will you do any future updates to No Additional Oxygen or are you just gonna focus on other projects? I'm very curious cause I would love to see like a once-a-year-update where a few new things are added. In any case, I would like to know if anything is in the future for official things for Not Comprised of Air
  2. So, it doesn't come from the Temporal Tear, and it can just come from a random planet.
  3. So I tried to debug see the "ending" animations, and I did see the Home, Sweet Home animation, but I failed to see the other one.involving the Temporal Tear. But that's not what I'm here to talk about. When the rocket returned, I received these two Self Contained Systems from what I can only guess came from the Sight Seeing Module. The best way I can describe what they look like is the Assist Trophy from Super Smash but with a Solar System within it (I deleted the save for the game cause I'm a moron). They had a a decor value of +80 and a radius of 7 to add some more info. If anyone else has obtained them, do they come from the Temporal Tear when you send a rocket with Sight Seeing Modules or do they come from the SSM no matter where the rocket comes from? Also, Klei, can you add an option in Sandbox mode where you can spawn artifacts, or just no?
  4. Hi, quick question. With full release, can we have robots?
  5. Damn... Me sad now and my pee pee is down Good I'm so childish XD
  6. Does this mean Don't Starve Together Shipwrecked and even maybe Hamlet?
  7. Klei... I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!! I will even be more loving if this was the next Upgrade to get Rockets had an animation as well. If you can't, that's fine. I can't wait for full release.
  8. [Minespatch] Aerate art

    Hey, since were posting art here, I'd like to show a preview of something I'm working on. Also, fyi, the program I'm using is ibisPaint X, since my computer with Photoshop is really old and slow ... Enjoy~
  9. Omg, I could kiss you! But now isn't the time, nor is the place cause this isn't real life. My thankfulness is quite high. Thank you!
  10. Hey real quick. I have a question about the data-mining. Has anyone found any images or things related to the tools? In trying to figure out how they work with real life science and speculation. I'd really like to be able to show what tool is which and how to further explain it's functionality. I appreciate anyone to show me what had been found