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  1. Oh, I got this selection choice once and I made the most of it... I killed them all and made barbeque. No regrets XD
  2. The iron Hulk boss looks great and it's attacks are awesome. But why oh why should we fight it, let alone assemble it? This is a cool boss, but it doesn't seem to be something worth while to fight if we are just going get it on And gears. We can definitely do those with ease by farming a single hulk and buying gears or fighting floaty boat knights. Ultimately what I'm saying is we need a bigger reward for such a task, like a blueprint or a resource only found by defeating the boss, like the Ancient Herald does now. Maybe you've got something in the works and I'm just being the reminding pin turning into an annoying thorn. But otherwise, this boss looks and acts quite awesomely.
  3. Hi, quick question. With full release, can we have robots?
  4. OMG! I didn't even think of that! Now I got a good idea or two. Or 3 Also, thanks for the feedback
  5. Damn... Me sad now and my pee pee is down Good I'm so childish XD
  6. I know that you, Klei, are currently working on some huge changes to DST, but I want to take a little time to give you an event Idea, and I will provide some explanation for why I think this may be a good concept. The Storm: the storm event is going to be like The Forge and the Gorge, despite not rhyming (sorry I know you guys like rhymes, but I don't know any names that mean storm and rhyme with Gorge/Forge). Our characters arrive in an overgrown valley of flowers, and they encounter the atangonist of this event is the Conductor/Maestro? of the Weather. Which is also a giant butterfly. She will give the characters a small amount of time before unleashing a devastating storm to destroy them. I will go into further detail later about what storms and tools and otherwise you'll need. Each time the players survive the storm given, the Conductor will award them will some items relevant to surviving the next storm and further. Storms: The Conductor has access to the instruments of an orchestra, and will play them with magic. Each time a symphony begins, it will have a calm and after the amount of time has passed, a more loud and chaotic song will play, which will summon a type of storm. During the calm, various plants will grow, which can be harvested by the players to help them survive. If someone falls to the storm, they can be revived, similar to the Forge. The following stroms I'm thinking of are the following; Blizzard: a cold storm that slows players and freezes them to death. Flooding: an inescapable water surge, and the only way to survive is to build a boat. Sandstorm: an inescapable sandstorm, where it can suffocate and disorientate the player. Heatwave: A killer heatwave where players must endure the humidity and heat with ice and shade. Spore wave: posionous spores are released and if they're breathed in, death will insue. Forest fire: A fire fury comes in, and can ignite any flammable structure. That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure there are more that can be added. Character traits: each character, much like any event, have beneficial traits to the game and I want to mention some ideas for each character they can do; Wilson: can make a few more structures than most characters,; Willow given to structures that use it have a 2x boost in fuel, has some defense against heat-based storms; Wolfgang: can hold more in his inventory,; WX-78: is more likely to be struck by lightning, had a 1.5x movement speed; Wickerbottom: can make books, can make a few more structures; Wendy:; Wigfrid: can hold more in her inventory,; Webber: can reinforce structures by putting silk over it; Wes: can harvast materials from bushes 2x as fast,; Maxwell: can summon minions to help, can use his magic in a terrible situations; Winnona: can craft structures in half as much time, structures can be made with either half or three/forths cost, can repair structures with tape ;Woodie: Can chop trees faster, any fuel he puts into firepit or structures that require fuel is 1.5x standard fuel Structures and Gear: there will be structures that will be made in order to survive the storms, however some will only last a short period of time while others can last a few storms and can even be repaired in case it could break. Same goes for clothing and gear. And all of the materials will be gathered as the calm period is in play and will be used as need be. Mechanics: there will always be a calm period before a storm, and depending on the storm that's upcoming, the world will sprout and give resources that can aquired. Boulders will rise from the Earth, bushes, grass, saplings and trees will grow instantaneously, and other resources may fall from the sky or be bought from a trader. It probably will incorporate mechanics from the Gorge and the Forge, but ultimately, this is about surviving the elements. Skins: The skins given during this event I feel like they should either deal with musicians or environmental conditioning. Some examples for environmental conditioning are, for Wickerbottom: "The Environmental Shiftor" (why this is cause of her books and their various effects); Woodie: "The Deforestor" (Woodie can chop an entire Forest with ease); Maxwell: "The Dethroned Creator" (no longer in control of DS world). I'm sorry if I don't show any ideas for these skins cause I have no idea what they would look like. Sorry. Reasonings: So, Klei. You may or may not think about this idea, but hear me out. This would be a good idea to add a new Event, instead of adding more to others. In addition, I will provide some reasoning behind some of the mechanics and designs. 1. Why have an event like this? Well first reason. It would be nice to have something new, event wise. Second, I noticed that each event is based upon how we play in the game; The Forge is combat, the Gorge is about cooking. The Storm would be about surviving the elements, as we do in the game with the seasons. 2. Why have the antagonist be a butterfly? This one is easy enough to explain: it comes from the expression, often associated with "choose-your-adventure" games, 'A flap from a butterfly's wings could cause a hurricane' or something like that. Also, it may also regret killing all those butterflies during our gameplay. In addition, I put "W"s on the wings cause of Grandmaster Pugma. With that, I covered all the ideas I have for now. If anyone has any questions, you may ask.
  7. Does this mean Don't Starve Together Shipwrecked and even maybe Hamlet?
  8. Klei... I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!! I will even be more loving if this was the next Upgrade to get Rockets had an animation as well. If you can't, that's fine. I can't wait for full release.
  9. [Minespatch] Aerate art

    Hey, since were posting art here, I'd like to show a preview of something I'm working on. Also, fyi, the program I'm using is ibisPaint X, since my computer with Photoshop is really old and slow ... Enjoy~
  10. Omg, I could kiss you! But now isn't the time, nor is the place cause this isn't real life. My thankfulness is quite high. Thank you!
  11. Hey real quick. I have a question about the data-mining. Has anyone found any images or things related to the tools? In trying to figure out how they work with real life science and speculation. I'd really like to be able to show what tool is which and how to further explain it's functionality. I appreciate anyone to show me what had been found