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  1. Klei... I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!! I will even be more loving if this was the next Upgrade to get Rockets had an animation as well. If you can't, that's fine. I can't wait for full release.
  2. Hey, since were posting art here, I'd like to show a preview of something I'm working on. Also, fyi, the program I'm using is ibisPaint X, since my computer with Photoshop is really old and slow ... Enjoy~
  3. Omg, I could kiss you! But now isn't the time, nor is the place cause this isn't real life. My thankfulness is quite high. Thank you!
  4. Hey real quick. I have a question about the data-mining. Has anyone found any images or things related to the tools? In trying to figure out how they work with real life science and speculation. I'd really like to be able to show what tool is which and how to further explain it's functionality. I appreciate anyone to show me what had been found