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Need A Quick Way To Cool Dirt

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On the left edge of my map (generated from in old CU build) there's a gap that's releasing tons of Steam from the bottom of the map (I haven't dug deep enough to know the cause). It got so hot it cooked all the Slime in the biome into Dirt, which should last me forever. The Dirt is currently at +300F and I need an easy way to cool it for crops. Thanx!


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I just dug some up and placed it in -5F Polluted Water. It drops the temperature .1F per second, so it takes like 7 Cycles to cool.

I'm going to just have to make a cooling box out of Insulated Abyssilite, Hydrogen, and Weezeworts. Get the room down to -20F and see how it goes.

As for putting the Steam in space, that can't be done. Above the layer of Steam is a layer Natural Gas completely blocking movement. To get rid of that I'm going to build a bunch of Ice Blocks. When they instantly melt it drops the temperature drastically causing Steam to disburse.

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To accelerate heat transfer, we will have to build tempshift plates. So build a cooler and carry dirt there. In this case, it is completely unclear what the initial question is. How to build a cooler? Depends on the temperature to which you are going to cool your dirt. The simplest option is a pool with polluted water and one tempshift plate made from the best available material. You fill the pool with polluted water, warm it to 80-100 degrees (the higher the temperature, the higher the efficiency, but the cooling speed is lower) and you send it to sieve.

Given the difference in heat capacity of dirt and polluted water, 1 kg of water cools 4 kg of mud by 1 degree. The volume you need you can count yourself :)

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