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need help trying to make a weapon deal more damage if user below 50 health

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Hey it's me, back at it again with being bad at programming

Sorry for making another forum asking for help so soon, I couldn't find anything to help me with my issue in particular.

I'm trying to make the Shahanshah from TF2, where if you're below half health, it does more damage than if you're above half health.

I tried making it so that if you're below 50 health, it deals 50 damage instead of it's normal 30, as seen in line 27 of shana.lua.


local function onattack(inst, owner, target, attacker)
    local health = owner.components.health
    if inst ~= nil and inst:IsValid() and attacker ~= nil and attacker:IsValid() and (attacker.components.health.current) <= 50 then 

I tried and couldn't get it to work how I wanted it to, and i'm hoping that someone would be nice enough to help (again).


I just called it 'shana' so I didn't have to type Shahanshah every time


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making the title easier to understand
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