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  1. One of my buddies decided to switch their character from Wickerbottom to Wortox using the celestial portal today on a server I was hosting, and for whatever reason, beefalo now turn invisible whenever she tries riding them. It's not game-breaking by any means, but ya know. Really goofy watching Wortox flail around violently, flying through the air.
  2. EDIT: I updated my scripts folder and this bug has already been fixed. Sorry! Hey. I noticed a tiny typo in desolationspawner.lua while working on a mod. self:SetSpawningForType("mushtree_medium", "mushtree_medium", TUNING.MUSHTREE_REGROWTH.DESOLATION_RESPAWN_TIME, {"mushtree"}, function() return (not _worldstate.issumer and 0) or 1 end) Line 180 says "issumer" instead of "issummer". I've never personally experienced this, but I'm pretty sure this prevents Red Mushtrees from respawning (during their designated season) if you cut all or most of them down.
  3. Was just about to report on this. For a second I thought I had made a mistake on my end, but it turns out that this happens with all modded characters.
  4. The same bug actually happened to me. My friend placed the big cookpot over the fire right as I was placing the syrup pot over it. After taking the syrup out of the pot, we couldn't grab the big cookpot and the same buggy image issues followed.
  5. I can confirm that Maxwell doesn't have an examination line for cooked mushrooms either. I suspect that none of the characters do.
  6. Oh, okay! I had no idea that running caves would affect anything. You're absolutely right though. Turning off caves has solved both issues for me, though I could've sworn I've never experienced those issues previously. I guess I could be wrong on that one. I'll have to find some way to fix my issue with overriding the "playercontroller" component, though it'll be difficult to test since the problem only occurs when caves are turned on and I can only print things to the console when the caves are turned off... Either way, thanks so much for your time! We really appreciate the response.
  7. Hey. So this is a bit of a weird bug I'm having, but after downloading the beta for the Gorge, my console in the base game has stopped working properly. The commands I type in are working just fine, but nothing is appearing in the console. The only thing I've managed to get to appear in the in-game console is "SAVING Morgue" when I die. The commands appear in the client log outside of the game as "SendRemoteExecute()", but I can't get anything to print to the in-game console or the out-of-game client log no matter what I do. I only noticed this because I'm working on a character mod right now and the console was working fine prior to me installing the beta. I've tried uninstalling the beta, reinstalling the beta, turning my mods off, turning my mods back on, and so on and so forth. The console just won't update properly. Seemingly at random after reinstalling the beta, the console worked again briefly for one session with my mods turned on. After closing out of that session, I've had no success in trying to recreate it. The console hasn't worked ever since. As a brief side note, I'm also having trouble with overriding the "playercontroller" component, which may be a related bug, but it's also possible that I'm just bad at coding. I'm only mentioning it because the code worked before I downloaded the Gorge beta, so there's a possibility that it's related. I'd really appreciate some feedback on this. Many thanks! P.S. Seriously hyped to play more of the Gorge! Cheers to another great event!