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Automation outputs for geyesrs

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Please give us an option to build automation outputs on geysers that have already been analyzed. This might be one sensor or a set of related sensors. Things I want to be able to do:

Turn things on or off based on whether the geyeser is currently active or not (whether that's because of idleness or dormancy).

Turn things on or of based on whether the geyser is currently dormant.

I want my automations to be able to go live based on a certain time before or after the sate change. So, for example "start running 10 seconds before the geyser goes idle" or "stop running 5 cycles after the geyser goes dormant." I can accomplish some of this with series of logic gates, but obviously I'm going to run in to some trouble with a geyser that's got a total active/idle cycle of longer than 400 seconds. This functionality could be easily achieved by modifying filter and buffer gates so that they can switch to a "measured in cycles" mode instead of a "measured in seconds mode" and had the allowable number of seconds on the slider increased to be as big as the theoretical maximum number of seconds of a single idle or active cycle of a geyser. If that gets cumbersome, you might could do a thing where somewhere near the large end of the slider, the units of increment start to go up. The difference between a 3 second and a 5 second buffer is huge, but nobody cares about the difference between a 347 and a 350 second buffer, which means 5 second increments would be just fine at that point (and probably well before that point)

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I would love it if they did, we attach a machine to it so why not make it when active it turns on, when not it trns off.

In the mean time my steam geysers are hooked up to an element sensor, so if they detect steam my cooling system kicks in and cools it down.

My natural gas and hydrigen vents both use other sensors cuz i dont care when they are or are not active. Only what the pressure is

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