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Hello there!

I've been playing DS ever since November, and i have to say...


Anyways, this is my Feedback about it.

First of all i really love the Insanity! Update, i swear every update this game gets harder and easier at the same time! (Mostly harder.)

I'd really like more Insanity! Features though, i know this has been suggested on other threads too.

-Going insane inverts controls

-Losing your items but not actually

And a lot more!

When i first tried the update, the first thing i did was jumped through a wormhole... I'm sure everyone did that as well... And shortly later i died terrified. Lol

And, the sanity effects at night are even scarier. i keep seeing eyes, DEM DEMON EYEEEESSSSS DDD: And this big worm thing with wirey hair which freaks me out.

The only thing i haven't seen is the big hand seen in the update trailer. Would someone tell me what it does? Form the trailer it looks like it extinguishes camp fires, and is this hand supposed to be rare? I haven't seen it at all yet when i was playing.

And i can't wait for the next update btw, which is winter as Kevin "Hinted." Or spoiled for us...

Anyways, Kevin's words were

A certain deer creature will be in here...

I am actually playing DS right now, currently on Day 31.

Which reminds me, Wolfgang looks really stylish in the garland. :D Congrats to [MENTION=9288]Avarwen[/MENTION] to suggesting it! :)

Though the sanity makes me insane IN REAL LIFE! I mean, i am really dizzy right now, my eyes are cooked and i have a headache. Good thing there is a distortion disable setting in the options menu. I'm sure everybody disabled that!



Kevin also sayed that the game will be out of beta in march. And in april will be bug fixing and such.

Oh, and i would like to point out that i can not wait for the Story Mode! I want to unlock the secrets of Maxwell!

And in the update a new character was introduced! Drum roll please!

Wes the Silent Mime! Who is not good at doing anything!

No kidding.

I played as him before and he has 75 health 100 Hunger (I think.) And 75 Sanity! He also does not talk! He is hard mode. As Kevin said.

Also Woodie was kinda hinted when you die. It could be him or Wilton the skeleton.

So that's about it for my feedback! Leave your feedback down below! :)

Oh Congratulations Klei Entertainment for making the best game ever! :applause:

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