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Just another share your base thread

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Hi folks,

Since im 1200 cycles in and decided to create a new base after the cosmic upgrade goes live and im pretty proud about my base. I wanted to share it and maybe one or the other can get some inspiration. Ofcourse no debug mode and here there i could have have optimzed stuff better, but thats for my next base. Anyway, here we go:


Load times are superb :D


Oxygen is included.


Pretty chilled base.

But lets get to the details, shall we?

Living Rooms/Med bay/Toilets


Ofcourse after 1200 cycles, my dupes deserve only the best. Everyone gets a single room, two toilet sections (because i have no clue what to do with the free space). Med bay is pretty simple, the refrigators above are just storing balm lily flowers (since i never really digged into slime bioms, there is almost no use to it). 



Im overproducing by a lot and i cook only Pepper bread. This sections needs player interaction. Basically my dupes bring the ingredients to the conveyor loader and gets stored into the refrigator at -60C. As soon as my calorie counts goes under 100k i pause the game, empty some fridges, mark them for sweeping and sweeped ingredients get loaded into the conveyor loader and dropped into the kitchen. I created two loaders one for sleet wheat and one for pincha pepernuts, because i had the problem that sometimes i had like 100sleet wheat grains for cooking and no peppernuts, this way it can be managed very easily. 

Another nice feature is: i removed passage from right to left. That way no dupes can enter the refrigator, but i still get the correct count of my ingredients.

Water refinement/machinery section


Left tank above is for sleet wheat and water is cooled down to 20C (gets cooled somewhere else), also an ice melting section is there, water gets heat up to 80C and ice stored in the compactor with high priority, this will melt the ice and the water will overflow to the tank. Beneath is pH2O tank, the water gets heat up to 80C to kill all germs and used for my pincha pepper plants/fertilizer room or refined to 40C water, which is stored in the tank on the right. This water feeds everything that has no crucial need for a specific temperature. The second pH2O tank was more a quick solution to water shortage, i filled it with pH2O form the slime biome directly beneath it. :( 

Also on the picture is a cool steam geysir and my carbon destroyer room. The wheezes are just there for condensing steam into water, the water gets directly pumped in my water tank on the right. 

Power plant/Fertilizer room/Chlorine room


Fertilizer room is straightforward once a day all fertilizer gets collected, stored above it, my dupes then relocate the fertizilier to my sleet wheat farm. Two power plants with buffs and oil cooling system and which keep the temperature around 25C, CO2 gets pumped into my carbon destroyer room. The third power plant was never taken online, since i thought i had a power shortage but in reality my CO2 pipes were blocked. xD

The chlorine room isnt really finished and i'm still doing some experiments. But put some pufts there for producing bleach stones. I know my dupes have to walk around. I need to remove thos chlorine/hydrogen pockets and add some suits there.

The battery room above it gets not cooled but it stays at a constant temp of 75C, since the room is closed no cooling is needed.

Sleet wheat farm


Has a hydrogen cooling system, keeping the temp at ~-5C. The room left cools the water pumped into it from 20C almost to 0C.

Polymer press/Oil refinery


Straightforward if oil is beneath a certain point it gets pumped up and petroleum is used for the polymer press, attached to a smart battery which regulates the plastic amount. I had some leakage because i was doing some tryouts with cooling petroleum and after i noticed that the cooled petroleum was cooling the whole room i had to reconstruct the tiles to abyss. But it was a failure. Cooling happens now somewhere else. The hydrogen room just pumps all my hydrogen into my hydrogen cooling chamber. 

"Nature oil burner room"


Well :D... i was implementing a oil burner system with magma. But a oil pocket had a leak and filled everything with oil. So i started to split the room but there was still to much oil around and i thought i'll burn some with magma, pump all created gas into my plants and after i run out i'll continue....It created so much gas that i had to extend the room, as a matter of fact i accidently created the same thing i wanted to build just more messy. I had to dig one more time into magma to create more gas. Now im 1200cycles in and every tile has around 35-50kg of natural gas. Energy for DAAAAAYYSSS. :D

Hydrogen cooling chamber


Cooling chamber used to cool down my sleet wheet farm and cooling section. The hydrogen is sitting around -200C, my thermo regulators are running quite much. But since its my main cooling system, im ok with it. I think with some fine tuning i could decrease the amount of used electricity. But then again at this point i could not have care less about my power usage. The thermo regulators are flooded with hydrogen.

My cooling system works basically everywhere with the same concept: It fills a room to ~2.5kg of hydrogen and it stays there as long the hydrogen does not exceed a certain temp. If hydrogen reaches those temperatures, it will start to pump out the hydrogen and new one will circulate. This helps keeping the pressure for the hydrogen cooling chamber to a minimum and guarentees that the thermo regulators can keep up and the temperature will never rise. 

Cooling area


Thats the most sophisticated part of my base. Pretty far away form my base i have a cool steam geysir with an output of 2.3kg/s. So i created a tunnel which lets the water drip down, creating a beautiful waterfall. The water is now around 40C. From there it gets pumped into the chamber to the right and cooled to 20C with petroleum/hydrogen. Once the water is cooled, it gets pumped to my sleet wheat farm water tank, and all over production gets redirected to my normal water tank. The petroleum itself gets cooled with hydrogen and wheezeworts to ~0C. The petroleum loops then into my powerplants if the temperature there is above 25C, elsewise it just stays in the tank. The heated petroleum that comes back goes first throught the wheezeworts and if after that the temperature is still above 15C it gets redirected to my aquatuners. But my aquatuners are practically never used. The Aqua tuners coolant is sitting around -60C and is basically never pumped out but in case it will reach temps above 30C it will be redirected into the tuners and put back into the tank and replaced with new one.

This sections needs some optimation, like separating heat with door locking system (which in my eyes is still an exploit and i would rather avoid it, but lets see what kind of magic we can pull after the new upgrade with steel tiles). By cooling the petroleum with hydrogen it put my hydrogen cooling system almost to his knees. Some further optimation here is needed, like transfering the load of cooling to my aqua tuners, resulting in a relieve for my hydrogen cooling system.

Thats it more or less. At this point i started to get bored. I was currently working at  optimazing my cooling area and starting some experiments with ranching.

Base overall is pretty stable, i have a little water shortage which asks from time to time for an ice looting action to solve that i started a puft ranch/algea distillery. But yeah the idea was to create a pO2 farm and feeding a gigantic farm of 25pufts  with pO2. 


Something like that.

If you have any questions or want to see some layers, feel free to ask.

Edit: and here some raw data:




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