Rng and my luck today

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Today my net was really slow and laggy, and I wanted to try how much that affected DST so I joined the first public server I found, a Klei Official at the second autumn. I was indeed lagging a lot with around 300 ping, so I decided to leave soon, but I wanted to drop my gathered stuff for the others first (I found a little abandoned base with some cool stuff in it). As I heard their base was at the exact opposite end of the map, so I thought maybe I could find a shortcut through the caves and I entered the first sinkhole I found.

Of course it was a huge biome with tons of grass and twigs, but not a single other staircase so I couldn't go up somewhere else near. Whats more, there were a lot of bunnymen as well which would have been great if I wouldn't have wanted to leave. Argh. So I tried to find the next stair-biome. 

And guess what I just ran into... the ruins. On my 4th day I found the ruins. Totally accidentally. The only time I'm not looking for them and just want to quickly drop my stuff I got an amazing worldgen. Typical.

After that I just went through the muddy biome, found a staircase soon and the base as well in a day or so, so everything was fine ;)

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