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Hello !

So I've been working on a mod for a bit now. I have a character switch to another appearence when insane. This works just fine, everything works. I only have two problems (mostly one) : after I added this feature, my ghost became invisible, both when I die sane and insane. I've checked everything, and I have zero idea of what's causing it. I've looked at other mods that have this feature, and I think I did everything right ? If someone somehow manages to fix this problem, could you please explain me what's wrong with the mod so I can learn from my mistake ? D: Thanks a ton !


Oh I also have another issue, which is a very minor one : I've made an update on my bigportrait image, and somehow, now it's all out of place (as in too low and to the right and so it's cut off)


I'm putting a Dropbox link to the mod, and I'll also put it in the attached files for those who prefer that. (please don't upload my mod on the workshop ^^)

Thanks in advance <3


Dropbox link to the mod : switch

Hatter switch

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