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Story/adventure mode (difficulty)

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So I've been playing adventure mode to try and figure out the difference between later level worlds. The only thing I noticed was on the 4th world every single tree was burnt and there was a campfire already built (I didn't try to get wood from destroying the campfire). On the 5th world there was a really big swamp, but other areas were present aswell. I didn't spend more than 4 days in each world so maybe Imissed something, but with theexception of charcoal world, they all looked the same and not very difficult. I took the teleportato on the 5th world and

I was transported to a new world, named 5-1

.Anyone found interesting worlds?

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In my world 5 it seems that once I finally made it out of the vast swamp there were very deep forests. There were so many trees (full grown) that is was nearly impossible to see myself. The only areas I found without those are pig civilizations.

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