ghillie suit

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Well I make a new thread cause the first one has been devastated.....and I think my idea is good and not really hard to put in the game

Would it be hard to make new suits like a ghillie suit, we would need it to catch some nice but very quick animals...eating these animals would give you some powers, it could make you much stronger for a few seconds and then you would be able to defeat the giant tree, then the giant tree would give something special, like, I don t know...giant leaves...and so on

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of course it would suit this game, surviving is not only about eating, drinking or hunting, it s also about hidding when something can hurt you or if you need to get closer to something...imagine a monster or a few monsters on the map that would be very quick and nasty, it could be great to have the possibility to hide.

Something that would be great but I think it s impossible to put into the game, is something about the noise you make on the map, so can hunt some game or escape some monster.

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