Some things that need fixing

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So Klei. Home sea home was a great uptade that kinda fixed some problems such as hound attacks and light. Buuuuuut... there are still some things that you need to finish in some bug-fixing uptade

-Sea lab makes the same sounds as alchemy engine. Come on it's not that hard to give it boubles sounds... I think

-Bottlenose ballphins still haven't gotten an eating animation. They still fall asleep on top of food

-The new birds eyes are open when it sleeps in the cage making it quite creepy

-Blue crockodog doesn't seem to create puddles, at least not durring hurricane season which makes it just a weaker crocodog

-Tar slicks are infinite which I think is kinda dumb since you can use tar to refuel tar extractor. If tar slicks would run out after tar exteactor created 30 tar then quacken drill would be more useful. Right now you can just create 4 tar slicks near you base/seabase and have constant production of great fuel and there's nothing that could stop that

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