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Nocturnal character

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12 hours ago, freonclayr said:

Is there any sample to make nocturnal character ?

There's this Hulot character mod but since he's using SGwilson which changes a lot, I have no idea what else to make it work 


I'm sure there are quite a few nocturnal mods laying around. I don't know any myself, but one easy way to reverse the effects of night sanity drain is to change the character's sanity values! Take the opposite of Maxwell's dapper values and the opposite of Wolfgang's fear of the dark, and boom! you have a character that stays sane at night, but gradually looses sanity whenever it isn't dark.

inst.components.sanity.dapperness = TUNING.DAPPERNESS_LARGE  (change this to, uh, whatever night's sanity drain is, but negative)

inst.components.sanity.night_drain_mult = 1.1  (And change this to 0!)

But if you want to get into sleeping in bedroll's and tents during the day, that might get pretty complicated, because you'd need to change the code in those item's themselves.

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