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New Plant Ideas

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I had a few ideas for new plants that could be added into Oxygen Not Included. One being a farmable plant I call the eyeplant. It is literally just like an eyeball that produces edible eyes. Thinking that just one could be enough to feed like two duplicates and it could take like 3 cycles to grow. Now here is the cool part about it, in order for it to grow it needs to have a positive decor where it is growing while it itself has a negative decor aura, it being an eyeball and all probably isn't nice to look at. Also if it sees another eyeplant within, I don't know, a five block radius both eyeplants die. My next idea was a reference to one of Klei's other games, Don't Starve. I thought that maybe the bulb that creates leafy meat could be added but it is much worse in this game than in Don't Starve. Whenever it creates leafy meat and a Duplicant is able to reach it and is hungry they will prioritize the leafy meat over any other nearby food. When the duplicant tries to grab the leafy meat the Bulb will try to eat them and the duplicant will be incapacitated and need to be rescued before it is digested. Welp those were my two ideas, hope they catch, spread the word if you like them :)

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Oh boy, I do like the idea of some more of that exotic asteroid flora!

More plant ideas the devs could harvest if found sufficiently ripe:

Shock Moss - Can start growing on batteries after they have been in contact with polluted water over an extended period of time while holding a charge, causes the batteries to take damage, and will shock duplicants if they try to clean it off or repair the battery while the battery holds a charge, causing them to faint and lose some health.

Gobble Bush - Those aren't thorns, they are teeth. A bush that periodically eats anything nearby made out of organic matter if it's small enough. Can be harvested for a fruit that provides a good amount of calories, and also gives a temporary boost to the regeneration of health and immune system. Domesticated growth is (many) cycles and requires them to be irrigated with water, and regularly fed.

Rain Flower - These rare hanging flowers grow from the roof in underwater environments, slowly consumes surrounding tiny amounts of polluted water and excretes a percentage of it as clean water in the wild. Can be harvested for a form of edible fruit. Domesticated growth requires them to be irrigated with polluted water, they will excrete a percentage of the polluted water they are being irrigated with as clean water.

Bleach Leaf - A rare little pot-plant that inhibits the growth of additional bacteria within a small radius.

Bell Branch - According to most duplicants this incredibly rare plant is the most beautiful pot-plant that could possibly exist, it is so beautiful that it has a chance of hypnotizing nearby stressed duplicants making them stop what they where doing and just enjoy the view of the Bellbranch until they are no longer stressed, even if it kills them!

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