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OK, I love the new elemental sensors.  Gas pipe element sensor, liquid pipe element sensor, and the gaseous element sensor ROCK.  Rather than using the carbon skimmer to keep CO2 from building up, I put together a mini pump along with a couple of elemental sensors.  In previous builds, I used to try to get an atmo sensor to kick on a gas pump when the CO2 started to build up, but often it would get stuck one way or the other -- either wasting power pumping or letting too much CO2 build up.  These new devices make it SO much easier to do exactly what I wanted.




The pump is there for later CO2 distribution.  Waiting on my slickster farm set up.   But, wow. This was so much easier than previous builds.


I've been thinking that the in-pipe temperature sensors could be used for a thermal feed back loop with an aqua tuner.  If you don't have a lot of material to cool, but you want to cool it fast, why build several tuners? Why not just keep feeding it back through the tuner until the temperature hits exactly what you want?  Maybe something like...



Anyway, just thought I'd share what I'm doing with the new sensors.  How about you?

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