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The heat management Mark I

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My idea's about update relating to heat management

Introducing new features such as:

New element - Liquid Nitrogen (use this to cool stuff down but don't over do it)

New Geyser - Liquid Nitrogen geyser

New Building Nitrogen cooling station (Uses Nitrogen to cool Elements delivered via Gas/Liquid pipes also conveyor belt, Allows to set amount of Nitrogen used per packet/ or until element is at selected temperature)

New mechanism building minimal operating temperature the reverse of overheat temperature (Buildings will break under a certain temperature or stop working)

New building melter (Allows melting elements for example ice to water (Pipe output) or fertilizer to dirt)

Automation sensors can now be placed on top of buildings

Metal ore buildings can be build from refined metal

Refined metal has now higher base overheat temperature (Iron, Copper, Tungsten +75*C, Gold gets 100*C)

Metal refinery now outputs more heat when smelting (Makes rock crusher more reliable to avoid heat)

-Gold ore generation reduced

+Wolframite ore generation increased

New Volcanos (Tungsten volcano, Random Ore volcano,Random stone vulcano, Phosphorus geyser[After cooling it down turns into phosphorite] )

New heat generation overlay toggleable when being on temperature overlay with ~ key

New cloth (Waterproof cloth shield you from your duplications getting soggy feet and from cold)

Water realism improved (Wet duplicants lose heat faster, heat comfort zone of liquid significantly rebalanced [Reduces effectiveness of water locks] )


I will add probably more ideas soon... or you can add your down below

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