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Pipes suddenly Stop working and invisible dupes

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1.  I have a very long long pipe line, conected from a water sleeve, then another pump froma steam geyser connects to help the flow, then it divide itself to feed a couple of electrolizers and finally outputs in a water tank, it's a very long pipe, but not that complicated in design. For at least 50 cycles it's been working ok until the ranching mark II upgrade. It just stops flowing.I revised the pipeline through and through and there is no broken pipes or any part missing. It should work ok, the pumps and watersleeves just say "pump blocked". So, unable to find the problem, I deconstructed the pumps and water sleeves and it started work again. It was very odd, but then after a couple of cycles it happened again. It's a huge issue for me because my plants, purifier, electrolizers work with that unique mainpipe.

2.  Dupes are sometimes invisible. I haven't checked but almost certain when they are wearing exosuits. And while invisible they behave odd, like moving erraticaly or just moving too slow (even for an exosuit).


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