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Multiple food choice should be required for late game

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I'd like to see more recipes for different types food with the better food requiring more and more of the base ingredients, and the dupes to require multiple food choices to stay happy - in the old city building games, once your "city" got to a certain size and you were providing certain amenities, you had to give the city multiple food choices or the city would "revolt" and the people would riot and refuse to do their jobs.  I think that would be a good mechanic here, and make food more of an issue late game instead of building the bristle berry/pepper farms and forgetting about food for the rest of the game.  Right now there is little incentive to setting up more than one food choice, and little incentive to moving more than a couple of your dupes into the higher levels of jobs with the corresponding higher expectations.  If dupes moved expectations automatically because the whole base had better amenities or just based on cycles - longer into the game, higher expectations, it would force players to set up different food systems and constantly improving decorations to keep them happier.  There was nothing that kept you at the computer for another hour in late game Tropico, Caesar, Pharaoh, or another city builder like all your people stopping work to riot because they only had two types of food, and they wanted three but they were rioting and not working any farms so gee now look there is only one type of food, it added complexity to mid to late game.

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