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Dedicated Server cave issue

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RomeoQQ    0

hey guys,

I have created numerous servers that I host from the pc I play on, there are no problems at all with the vanilla or with mods except for the fact that my brother which is on the same netwrok as me gets kicked from the game when he enters the cave: I find it interesting since I have had multiple other players on my server and they have no problems with caves, it is only him that is struggling

If you need further information please specify since im not too sure what I need to post on here for a response.

Thank you

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Daniel86268    368

There are two things that come to my mind right now:

1. Does your brother have any mods installed? And which mods do you have on your server? They might conflict eachother while changing from overworld to caves.

2. Maybe the firewall on your Brother's PC is blocking the cave port, and therefore not letting him connect to the cave server. Try disabling the Firewall temporarily. (And enable it again after the tests, and if those tests turned out to be successful, open said port/service in that firewall.)

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