How altar of snackrifice works?


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Yesterday i sacrificed eye of tigershark to delay eruption, but instead of delaying, i made it erupt faster. But before that, volcano only warned me once. Then i sacrificed jellyfish, and magma level on altar dropped down this time. Why did this happen? Also, my items were wet, because i had ice cube. I thought temperature is a bit higher in volcano, but it was same as outside. 

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17 minutes ago, voyager156 said:

Depending on what you offer to the volcano, the next eruption can be delayed or accelerated.

Look at this table taken from DS wiki:


Here is a link to full wiki article:

I believe there's some unknown mechanic, about which wiki does not write. Look at the table, eye of tigershark is "worth" 32 appeasement, but it made volcano erupt faster. 

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