Looking for a way to disable Strong Winds in Shipwrecked

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I am played all lot of Rog and build a couple worlds with big bases, which also had a lot of stuff on the ground for decoration(like gems, gold, flowers etc.). 

I am looking to start a new Shipwrecked world with this idea in mind too, but there are some things that makes building a base there harder(or rather more annoying), namely puddles and strong winds. Now those arent really hard to play around and survive but it still restricts the things you can use in base building without making life harder for yourself. As for puddles, those can be disabled in world gen, but I didnt find a way to disable Strong Winds yet.

So I asking here for a known Mods that disable said Strong Winds. It would even be fine if only items on the ground  dont get blown around( that should be possible since every item has a value that determines how strong the winds are blow it). If someone could give me a link to such a mod or even create a small one I would really appreciate it, thanks.

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bump again. If no one knows if something like this exist already and no one wants to help me out could someone at least give me a clue which files i would need to change for a mod?

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