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Having Issues Getting Past Character Select...

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So, I'm working on my own mod, but I'm having issues.

I keep getting to the character select, but then it crashes.

This is the error screen I was getting:


Can someone give me some tips?


EDIT: It only crashes when I hover over the select screen icon for my character.

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Tracing back the error its having trouble loading the timothy_none lua file and the function inside it should looks like this:

return CreatePrefabSkin("timothy_none",
    base_prefab = base_prefab,
    skins = skins,
    assets = assets,
    tags = tags,
    skip_item_gen = true,
    skip_giftable_gen = true,

if not then chances are the file was deleted the modmain still contains it and is trying to call it and finds nothing (crashes). For this one you can either get the file back or delete the following if you have no use for the none portrait.

PrefabFiles = {
    "timothy_none", --delete this

Assets = {

    Asset( "IMAGE", "bigportraits/esctemplate_none.tex" ), --delete these
    Asset( "ATLAS", "bigportraits/esctemplate_none.xml" ),---delete these


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