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They should have brought a poet (My first misadventure into insanity)

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Hey everyone, just wanted to say this update is a lot of fun. I'm curious if anyone has had any new "oh this is going to end badly" moments.I just had one and sadly I was so into the game I forgot a screenshot, but I had just set up a base next to two massive pig cities by the swamp :)I had three friends (which by the way, having friends is the fastest way to restore sanity).......except for the one drawback.Yep. I just lit my fire and BAM three were pigs. I thought I had one more day. So now I'm running circles around my campfire, praying for night to end, watching my sanity meter PLUMMET from being chased by three were pigs, then seeing the shapes, then seeing the really eerie "tall gangly man that stretches" (I'm reminded of the plague doctor in an earlier post). Daybreak finally comes, the were pigs go to sleep peacefully, just as 5 hideous and fast creatures surrounded me and took me away to Ryalthe.HAHA awesome :)

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